Max Ray is a veterinarian and native of Tampa, Florida and has lived in the state all of his 82 years. He holds degrees from the University of Florida and Auburn University in Alabama and has devoted a lifetime to the medical needs of animals and their special relationship with people. Max is an experienced hunter, fisherman, diver and observer of nature. He practices veterinary medicine part-time and resides in Odessa, Florida with his wife Marie and his labrador retriever Hunter.
Keith Knecht was born in Akron, Ohio in 1946. When Keith was six years old, his father was called to be a missionary bush pilot in Liberia, Africa. His family moved to the remote interior town of Zorzor. While living there, much of Keith's time was spent in the jungle with his friends from the village.

His family moved to Tampa, Florida in 1960 and he married Marilyn Bean in 1970. They have been blessed with five children. As the children were growing up, they constantly asked their father to, "Tell us a story about Africa." The Zahwu series is a result of those requests. It is a combination of facts and memories sprinkled into fictional stories. Within it's pages are found, spirits, scorpions, snakes, crocodiles, leopards (both two legged and four legged), birds, traps, monkey bridges, and men of unscrupulous character. These stories, set in the rain forest of Liberia, Africa, also include insights into the customs, language, culture, and folklore of the Loma tribe. Readers will wonder, as did the children, "Is that true? Did that really happen, daddy?"

Keith worked for nearly 50 years in the security field and was both a certified alarm contractor and master locksmith. He is still called upon from time to time to open safes and vaults, but the only big game he pursues today is found in waters of Tampa Bay. Keith enjoys fishing for sharks.

Keith Knecht

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