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Zahwu by Keith Knecht

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Havana Blood by Max Ray

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​Gator Moon by Max Ray


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Keith Knecht, The Lost Ones
Keith Knecht, Zahwu
Max Ray, Havana Blood
Max Ray, Gator Moon
Samson Hercules Duff and his loyal American Pit Bull Terrier are back in the exciting action adventure thriller “Havana Blood”, the sequel to Max Ray’s novel, “Gator Moon”.
The most important things in Sam Duff’s life, his beloved Elise Jones and his dog, JunkYard, are kidnapped by a psychopath who has designed a computer program that lets him control the behavior of humans and animals.
Sam’s partner, Skeets Kirby is also being held captive by the twisted genius, Quentin Burgaard, III and his bloodthirsty mastiff, Goar. Sam must attempt a suicidal rescue on a desolate Bahamian island to save those that matter most to him. 

A deadly new disease is beginning to spread throughout the world. John, the child of missionaries to Africa and a medical researcher for the pharmaceutical company Dienicem, thinks he has found a cure in a sample of a potion sent to him by his old friend Beyon, a shaman from Liberia. John must travel to Liberia and find Beyon while fighting for survival against the harsh African jungle,the violent Leopard Society, and the cruel Lars Gruber. Ultimately, John must resolve his own inner conflict- the clash between his Westernized self and his roots as the African child, Zahwu.
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​In Max Ray's first novel, Gator Moon, Sam Duff has his world turned upside down after being beaten to within an inch of his life. Now the woman he loves has been abducted by a crazed murderer and taken deep into the Florida Everglades. As Sam and his loyal American Pit Bull Terrier, JunkYard, trail them into the River of Grass, they realize they will need every ounce of strength and skill to survive this nightmarish hell. Follow the adventures of Sam and the JunkYard dog in the first two action adventure Kindle books of the “The JunkYard Dog” series, “Gator Moon” and “Havana Blood”.
The Lost Ones is the second installment of the story of John, also known as Zahwu, the fair-skinned, red-haired son of Christian missionaries in Liberia, Africa. As a young man, Zahwu learned in bush school the Law and how to survive the hazards of the jungle. Armed with nothing more than a bush knife, a slingshot, and a healthy respect for the dangers that lurked there, Zahwu recognized even then that this harsh wilderness was also home to great beauty and very resilient people.
The series, Jungle Tales of Liberia, chronicles the major events that draw John back to his beloved Liberia to once again become Zahwu, the jungle boy turned man. Now a medical researcher for Dienicem Industries, Zahwu may have found the cure to a deadly disease—a pandemic that threatens the entire world. To mass produce the vaccine, Zahwu must get more of the serum that Beyon, his friend and mentor, sent to him. Zahwu must first find Beyon, and then, to save Beyon’s life, he must embark on a hero’s journey in search of the treasure of the Lost Ones.
Profoundly eloquent in its message, The Lost Ones proves once again that the true measure of a man is not determined by skin color or culture, but by depth of character, and the evil that lurks in the hearts of men is as destructive as the most deadly predators in the jungle. By Kimberly Richardson 


The Lost Ones by Keith Knecht

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